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with Jen Tullo, Bioregional Herbalist and Natural Lifestyles Designer

and Steph Shaw, Co-Founder and Student Herbalist

We also offer Herbal Vitality Consults for individuals and families looking to shift their relationship to wellness, from reactionary to revolutionary.  Consults include wellness self-assessments, values work, natural lifestyle practices, living plant connections, herbal gardening and apothecary design, herbal medicine making in your own home, and long-term goal setting.  

Welcome to The Blackberry Herbarium, located in CYANWOOD Natural Lifestyles Center at 2704 Spotswood Trail, Suite B, Harrisonburg VA.  We are here to help guide our clients to optimal vitality, by reconnecting to the regionally grown plant medicine and foods that have the power to nourish, restore, replenish and transform our wellness.  We create products from 100% Organic and No Spray ingredients, which are also bioregional (grown in our area), and we teach others how to:

- take the judgment out of their diets, habits and choices

- find herbal practices that not only inspire, but fit into a busy schedule

- incorporate herbs into everyday meals, all sourced from our valley

- realize the impact their spending power has on local sustainability efforts

- make their own herbal medicines at home!

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