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Yoga Instructor 200E-RYT, 500RYT, YACEP

Branding and Creative Design Specialist

Bioregional Herbalist

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Jen is a wild woman at heart, but mouthier than your typical naturalist.  Despite her intensity, she's a pretty gentle Yoga teacher and reasonable herbalist, with fewer expectations than you'd guess of a greying redhead.  She enjoys guiding clients toward self-empowerment by sharing the same techniques that help her transcend her own traumas and self-limiting stories:


Values Work

Mindful Movement


Sense Withdrawal


Natural Space Making

Bioregional Foods and

Herbal Medicines


- 300 RYT Therapeutic Essentials with Nya Patrinos

- 200 RYT Kunga Yoga, Kristin Cooper-Gulak, Nicole Fitzwater and Noelle Whittington

- 100 Yoga Teacher Training Hours from Yogafit - Levels 1-3, Yogafit for Warriors, Yoga Anatomy

- Winter Herbal Medicine, Milk and Honey Herbs with Jade Alicandro Mace

- Herbal Business Course, The Herbal Academy

- Botanical Drawing Course, The Herbal Academy

- Introduction to Botany Course, The Herbal Academy

- Foraging and Wildcrafting, The Herbal Academy

- 2-Year Clinical Herbalism, Sacred Plant Traditions, with Kat Maier and Heather Wetzel 

- Decolonizing Yoga and Deconstructing Racism with Nya Patrinos and Frankye Riley

- Yoga Nidra with Nya Patrinos

- Yin-Yoga, Marla Cantor

- Mindful Educators coursework

- Pilates Mat 1, Balanced Body

- Reiki Levels 1 & 2, Lindsay Erickson

- Clinical Aromatherapy, Cindy Loving

- 20+ years experience in Interior Design field

- ABA Certified Paralegal Studies Program, Georgetown University

- BA in Political Science, University of Kentucky

- BA in Journalism, University of Kentucky



Steph is "the fierce friend," "the voice of reason," and "the life of the party" at CYANWOOD.  Her classes aren't just an opportunity for Mindful Movement, but truly a community filled with genuine care and hearty laughter.  A former massage therapist, Steph brings a practice of love to her clients, colleagues and everyone else she encounters.  She's known best for her:


Gentle Savasana Shoulder Presses

Herbal Foot Soaks & Scrubs

Invitational Language

Lots of Pose Modifications and Options, and

Genuinely Good Hugs


- 16 HR Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness Training

- 200 RYT Beyond Asana Yoga Teacher Training

- Yogafit Yoga Foundations, Levels 1-3

- Yogafit Communication & Introspection

- Yogafit Anatomy & Alignment

- Yogafit Seniors

- Yogafit Mindfulness and Meditation

 - 15+ years in Social Work and Human Resources

- Former Licensed Massage Therapist

- Reiki Levels 1 & 2, Lindsay Erickson

- BA Social Work, James Madison University


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Yoga Instructor 200RYT



Mindfulness Meditation Guide

CYANWOOD Mindfulness Community Lead

Authentically social, Greg brings a true love of life to his teachings.  For over 25 years, Greg has practiced somatic meditations and mindfulness, such as those taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and loves to share what he's learned, with his Thursday evening class.  A real go-getter, this guy outdoes everyone with his fancy Meditation Book Club and chipper weekly emails.  He welcomes newbies and seasoned meditators alike to join the donation-based sessions - not just for personal transformation, but for mindful connection and community.


- 6+ years Beekeeping

- 9+ years on National Ski Patrol

- 22+ years in Clinical Data Management & Technology

- BS Biology, University of Kentucky


Greg T

Cathleen is known at CYANWOOD for her graceful teaching style, her beautiful personal Asana practice, and her wealth of Yogic knowledge.  But she has been a beloved Yoga teacher in several local studios around town for years, and continually strives to bring mindful, nurturing practices to life, with great versatility - from Yoga Nidra, to Hot Yoga, to Vinyasa and Hatha practices.  Cathleen is a co-creator of CYANWOOD's Trauma-Informed Yoga & Mindfulness Training, and specializes in leading the Embodiment Practices with a Trauma-Sensitive approach, including equitable, invitational, and option-based language and cueing techniques, to self-empower traumatized bodies and promote the individual’s “right to choose” in group class settings.

Some of her most Cathleenerific qualitites include her:

disciplined mastery of Asana

- sense of humor

- inspirational and thorough teaching styles

- commitment to Yogic Education 


200 RYT, Yandara Yoga Institute

95HR Registered Children's Yoga Training with a Trauma-Informed Focus, Yoga Ed.

25HR Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method Certification with Nityda Gessel

15HR Leading Yoga Nidra and Savasana with Steve Wolf

24HR Decolonizing Yoga and Deconstructing Racism with Nya Patrinos and Frankye Riley

Reiki Level 1, Allison Eaton

Reiki Level 2, Lindsay Erickson

10+ years experience in Learning & Development, including Program Management for an online Yoga education provider

BA Technical & Scientific Communication, James Madison University


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Yoga Instructor 200RYT



An Independent Teacher Collective 

Did you know each of our teachers has a unique teaching style, a separate business platform and independent pay structure?  That's because we are a COLLECTIVE of Yoga teachers with therapeutic and Trauma-Informed approaches, seeking to bring high quality Yogic practices to CYANWOOD, at affordable rates.  When you take a class here, you are promoting more than one small, local healing business, AND helping to create real community.  CHECK OUT OUR WEEKLY CLASSES

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Yoga Instructor 500RYT

Rebecca began teaching Yoga in 2017. Over the past seven years, she has taught various styles of yoga at Sentara RMH Wellness Center including chair Yoga, gentle Yoga, vinyasa flow, and restorative Yoga. She also currently substitute teaches the Bikram 26 & 2 series at Yoga Sol in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Because Rebecca has experience teaching Yoga in a medical fitness facility, her classes are easily accessible to all Yoga practitioners, and she loves to encourage breath-centered movement.


- RYT- 500 Teacher Training- Maryland University of Integrative Health

- C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

- 95 hour intensive Children’s Yoga Teacher Training
- Master of Science in Yoga Therapy



Jennifer Perry is a certified Kundalini Yoga Level I teacher, as well as a certified teacher of Radiant Child Yoga.  She has completed her Master Level III Reiki training and is currently pursuing further study in yoga and various healing modalities.  Jennifer took her first Kundalini Yoga class in 2015 and received her spiritual name, Dass Priya Kaur, the following year.  With a background in theatre, dance, costume, and textiles, Jennifer has lived and worked across the U.S. and abroad. She now lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia with her husband and three-year old daughter and loves to dance, read, travel, and be outside whenever possible.  She believes that Kundalini Yoga is a profound tool for our times.

"Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of transformation.  It builds not only our bodies but also our intuitive mind. It regenerates and balances energy within the body to help us deepen our 'inner knowing' so we may live and act more fully with conscious awareness.  Sacred sound is always incorporated into class, along with time for deep rest.  Most people find a Kundalini Yoga class unlike any other yoga class they’ve ever experienced.  Kundalini Yoga can be practiced by anyone, by ANY body." 

All are invited.  Classes Include:

- Kriyas (specific sequences of actions)  

- Pranayama (breath work)

- Mantra (intentional sound)

- Asana (body postures) 

- Mudra (hand positions)

- Dhristi (eye focus)

- Bandhas (body locks)

- Meditation


- Kundalini Yoga Level I Instructor (KRI, 220 hrs)

- Radiant Child Yoga Certified Teacher (Levels 1-3)

- Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho)

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Kundalini Yoga Instructor &

Reiki Practitioner

Jennifer Perry
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