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Scroll the page below to see our schedule and download theScheduling Client App by Acuity for easy class registration.  Click on the black icon to the left, then add our business -


*6:00 - 7:00pm Vinyasa  $15

with Cathleen Duvall

A slow-flow Vinyasa class is all about moving your body with your breath and flowing from pose to pose with mindful transitions.


*8:00 - 8:45am  Root & Rise $15

with Jen Tullo

This before-work, no-sweat class is the perfect daily routine for stretching, strengthening and checking in with yourself.

*9:30 am Kundalini Yoga for Comfort and Joy (2-Part Series) $30 ($15/class)

with Jennifer Perry (Dass Priya)

Celebrate the festive season with this 2-part class series. We’ll revel in some of the delightful, charming, and quirkily joyous practices Kundalini Yoga has to offer.  Breathwork, kriyas, mantra, and meditation are a part of every class. Perfect for beginners as well as anyone already familiar with Kundalini Yoga.  Come enjoy a fresh take on “comfort and joy” as we head into the holidays!

*4:00 - 5:00pm Gentle Yoga Asana $15

with Steph Shaw

Settle into this gentle Asana flow for improved range of motion and whole-body wellness.

*5:30 - 6:30pm Mindful Movement  $15

with Steph Shaw

A one-hour class for connecting breath, mind and body.


*5:30 - 6:30pm Flow & Unwind  $15

with Cathleen Duvall

A 60-minute class to engage the body and mind with an intentional flow of postures and breathing,

followed by a relaxing Savasana (rest) or Yoga Nidra.


*8:00 - 8:45aDeep Yin Yoga Class - $15

with Jen Tullo

This before-work, deep Yin Yoga class is designed to promote range of motion, reduce joint inflammation, and compliment more active lifestyles.

*4:00 - 5:00pm Gentle Yoga Asana $15

with Steph Shaw

Settle into this gentle Asana flow for improved range of motion and whole-body wellness.

*5:30-6:30pm Yoga & Yarn COMMUNITY

(every 3rd Thursday of the month)

with Steph Shaw

Join us for all things yarn - register for the 4pm Gentle Yoga class, then stay with us (or join us at 5:30) for community crafting.  We teach each other and share snacks.  Please register in advance and bring a friend!

*7:15 - 8:15pm Mindfulness Meditation Series - Suggested Donation $12

with Greg Tullo

This class is designed as an introduction to meditation and guidance on how to enhance your practice at home.  Throughout the series participants will develop techniques for mindful breath control, and learn some tools for mindful responding (versus reacting) to most any situation and set of circumstances.

YOUR DONATIONS MAKE THIS OFFERING POSSIBLE. Thank you for your contribution.

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The weekends are reserved for pop-up classes, workshops and special events.

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