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Spring 2023


We're ONE YEAR OLD, and loving our healing community here at CYANWOOD!  With so much interest and growth each month, we're able to offer more and more in our tiny space, and have some pretty exciting things coming your way.  Our Spring weekends are full of workshops and pop-ups, and we're adding new classes to the schedule, including more Kundalini classes and a Tuesday, 9am Vinyasa Class, beginning the first week of AprilCheck out our class and workshop schedule here.  We also plan to move some classes outdoors to our backyard space, as weather warms, and begin offering recorded classes for online access during the busy summer travel months and July sabbatical.  To stay up to date on all the things, please consider signing up our 2/month newsletter.  Thank you for making CYANWOOD special.

-Jen and Steph


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