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Our Friends & Collaborators

We are honored to collaborate with and refer clients to Harrisonburg's wonderful network of natural healers and green businesses.  Here's a list of our closest friends and collaborators:

Elizabeth Shoop, Licensed Professional Counselor, Mindfulness Educator.  Liz offers retreats, workshops, trainings and one-on-one sessions, to help clients connect to deeper meaning in their lives and discover what's most important to them. 

Brandon and Katie Cunningham, Bridging Health Clinic, INNOVATIVE and Integrative Medicine and wholistic healthcare right here in Harrisonburg!  

Lou Botkin, Owner of Escapes Spa and Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Lou is a woman of many talents.  When she's not running her beautiful day spa, she is always taking on new certifications and leading friendly and informative workshops on stone medicine, massage techniques, yoga and more!  Look out for her workshops at CYANWOOD - they fill up FAST!

Whitney Erwin, Four Seasons Harmony, Clinical & Ayurvedic Herbalism

Whitney brings community and a sense of welcome and wisdom to her workshop offerings, and we've been honored to host her herb and wellness workshops at CYANWOOD. STAY TUNED FOR HER upcoming workshop on Children's Herbal First Aid, September 10th!

Eric Fisher, Agape Mycology - medicinal mushroom extracts

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