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We believe that finding everyday joy in the natural world around us is what makes healthy, happy people, long-term.  By deliberately marking the season with celebratory gatherings and seasonal crafting, we keep ourselves connected not only to the cycles of the wild world, but also to the heartbeat of our own lives.  With busy lives and schedules, we design simple lifestyle practices that are environmentally sustainable, but also energetically sustainable on a personal level.  We also host our own custom-designed seasonal events, so you don't have to!


Natural Lifestyles Center

A collaborative center for learning and practicing more natural ways of living and being, with

-mindful movement and meditation

- herbal workshops

- Yoga, Reiki and massage trainings

- herbal and natural crafting classes

- free community-talks and events on green and natural living

- seasonal community events and celebrations





We’re a Natural Lifestyles Business. So, naturally, we love all things winter.  But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to be positive about cold weather and how isolating winter can feel.   We’ve learned that in order to feel excited about three months of winter, we have to practice mindfully connecting to the joys of the season, and then develop lifestyle practices that embody those themes.

In addition to warm drinks, blankies and firelight, here are 5 suggestions for connecting to this snowy winter season and for bringing all the best parts of winter... (continue reading)



In our modern lives, we've been conditioned to associate keeping time with deadlines, goals, productivity, and even aging and death!  We encourage our clients to rethink how they're tracking time and to reevaluate its significance in their lives.  Marking time with celebrations and remembrances, listening to our elders' stories, and practicing present moment awareness are just some of the ways we can begin to shift our attitudes away from anxious worry as time passes, to reflective joy and acceptance of the cycles of life.


We will be hosting a series of events and workshops dedicated to creating lifestyle practices that explore and honor time keeping as a way to stay connected to the natural cycles of our individual lives as well as the cycles of the natural world around us. 

In the mean-time, we are sharing our favorite way of recording memories (below).

The Remembrance Calendar

That's what we call our favorite method of keeping time over the long run.  Each day displays a line or two of notes that were entered each year previous since the calendar's creation.   Here's ours:

April Card.png
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